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Machine Washable

We made caring for your blanket easy for you. Just throw it in the washer, run it, and forget about it.

Secure For Your Pets

Super soft and ultra comfortable. Let them snuggle up.

Premium Materials

Made with minky, softer and thicker than cotton or microfiber.

Five layers

5 layers filled with eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic pellets.

Why use a weighted blanket?

Reduces anxiety

Provides warmth and gentle pressure, much like a hug, to help diminish anxiety.

Creates a secure feeling

Weight and pressure create a sweet reminder of his human by his side.

Super comfortable

Applies gentle pressure to induce calm and comfort.

Great for anxiety or restless dogs!

"My dog has a hard time staying calm and relaxed at night. I did research and found out weighted blankets could help. So, I found this company and bought it. I put it on him and it’s actually helped him sleep. There are fireworks going off and he hasn’t moved an inch and usually he is hiding by now."

— Happy Pawrents

Weighted blankets really work!

"This is amazing! Recently adopted a rescue dog. She was shaking so hard when we started our first road trip with her. I covered her with the blanket, and within a few seconds she was calming down, and within a few minutes she was completely relaxed...maybe asleep! My husband was skeptical and wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t see it with his own two eyes."

— Happy Pawrents

My dog's favorite magic blanket!

"Both my dogs LOVE blankets. Our youngest dog will not get in our bed if the blanket is not there! If we've thrown it on the floor, on top of it on the floor she will go. At night our routine is to wrap it around her. It is by far her favorite blanket of the excessively many we own, and it puts her right to sleep at night relaxed as can be."

— Happy Pawrents

A portion of all sales goes to help rescue dogs.

With every purchase, you aren’t just helping your dog, you’re helping countless dogs continue to live a happy and healthy life!

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