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The Pawfect Blanket

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The Pawfect Blanket is a weighted blanket that applies gentle constant pressure to help your pet feel calm, relaxed, and comfy. The blanket offers your dog a sweet reminder of his mother or the presence of his human. Reduces anxiety and stress by calming the nervous system. The blanket is extremely comfortable and machine washable. Available in different sizes and weights.


Our Pawfect Blanket is made with minky breathable and comfy fabric. Minky is used to make teddy bears. Our weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads, creating an even weight distribution with a material that's safe for pets. And it's machine washable!
Unless there is a defect, the Pawfect Blanket is a non-returnable item. At Nappy Puppy, your dog's well-being and the quality of our products are our top priority. For this reason, we want to eliminate any chances of germs and flea transmission from one dog to another. Our policy guarantees that our products are safe, new and in perfect condition for your dog. If, however, your dog doesn't like his blanket, you can always sanitize it and gift it to a dog at your local shelter. This act of kindness can make a big difference for a dog living in difficult and stressful conditions.
Your new Pawfect Blanket is covered by 30-day Limited Warranty. For 30 days after your purchase, if you experience any manufacturing defects that are covered under our warranty, we will provide you with a one-time replacement of the original blanket size purchased. This includes all components of the blanket. If the warranty claim is within our 30-day guarantee period, we will ship you the replacement for free.
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The Pawfect Blanket

The Pawfect Blanket


Soft, Cozy blanket. Great for anxious pets

"Love everything about this blanket. My dog has bad anxiety, and loves being under a blanket any time he is sleeping. This makes him feel safe, and he doesn’t move once he’s under it. Highly recommend for any dogs that love to be covered up."

— Happy Pawrents

My rescue dog loves it

"I have adopted an abused pit and this blanket really helps him stay calm. I know he's sleeping better because he snores! Good quality product."

— Happy Pawrents

Timid Pitty mix loves it!

"We have a very timid pitbull mix. With the 4th coming and summer storms we wanted to give the weighted blanket a try. She did great sleeping during a storm. With very little anxiety. Well Worth the money and machine washable. Love it!"

— Happy Pawrents

Worth it!

I absolutely love this blanket. Arrived with a nice travel bag. Very soft and cozy. Well made. I have two dogs, one who likes being under a blanket and one who doesn’t. I obviously bought this for the one who does... but the one who doesn’t, loves it so much! I’m gonna have to buy a second one, one for each dog.

— Happy Pawrents


Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Bear loves his blankie!!!

Bear loves his “blankie” he knew immediately that it was fir him, and cuddles with it every night. Now that it’s warmer, he’s more on it than in it, but that’s OK too. I will put it on him when he gets freaked out about something (for a big dog, he’s pretty much afraid of everything!) and it seems to help. I washed it with other blankets, making sure to balance my top loader; I then laid out on top of the machine overnight to dry. Came out perfect!! It was definitely worth the money. I like this one better than the one I bought for myself!!!

Julian Chaney
If you could hear his sighs

He loves it. This is better quality than my weighted blanket. If you could only hear the sigh my dog makes when you cover him with his new blanket.

Appears to help

My dog seems to like it, looks to be made well. My initial thoughts were that it felt a bit too light. I've been using my own weighted blanket on him, which is alot heavier. It's also in the pricey side for what you're getting. But it's still nice and looks to settle his anxiety better than without one

Dawn M Platero
Timid Pitty mix loves it!

We have a very timid pitbull mix. With the 4th coming and summer storms we wanted to give the weighted blanket a try. She did great sleeping during a storm. With very little anxiety. Well Worth the money and machine washable. Love it!

Sandy Dziedzic
Magic weighted blanket!

As you can see, my dog LOVE it !!!

Laurie Tyra
This blanket works like magic!

Our 2-yr old lab loves his weighted blanket so much! We've had the blanket about 6 months and are so happy we purchased. Our 110-lb lab has a bit of anxiety (we brought him home at 6 months old) and this blanket has calmed him so much, helping Lincoln to sleep more calmly both during the night and day! If he is not covered with the blanket, he lays on top of it :)

Michele Lamarche

Réconfortant et rassurant pour ma chienne, elle devient vraiment moins anxieuse lors des forts vents .

Angie Eggleston
Content dog

Roxy loves her blanket! Easy care and gives her the reassurance of security! Thank you

Ryan Cho
Surprisingly amazing

My rescue son has an extreme anxiety issue. I have tried every method to keep him calm and relaxed and nothing worked. I saw this product and figured why not. Whoa. I am glad i have given this product a chance. Now, he is so relaxed when he is under the blanket and he looks to be under it. Thank you Nappy Puppy!!!

Carolyn Brousseau
Magic Weighted Blanket

Our dog LOVE IT! We call it The Magic Weighted Blanket! :P